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This is more than likes, comments and followers!

Bublity is an enterprise solution to send fresh news and stories to people and let them instant group chat about post.

How Bublity works ?

Bublity Tags

1 : Users automatically open your edition.

A download link that shared by you brings people to your edition.

Bublity Posts

2 :Your edition's admins sends posts to #tags on your web panel

Followers of #tags get notification when something posted.

Bublity Live Chats

3 : People read your topic and chat about it.

The users who open notification meet in same post.

How Bublity App looks?

Bublity lets you send unlimited posts to targeted users of you. You can send post to people who are most interested about the topic.


Bublity Tags


Bublity Posts


Bublity Tags


Group Chat

Let's make a good connection between people and your

Edition publishing is available only for Web Portals, TV Channels, Radio Stations, Communities, Companies, Platforms, Brands, NGOs and Universities

Bublity Editions

Publish your edition on Bublity and get closer to your users than ever before.


It is FREE for (3) MONTHS for new publishers.
No credit card required!